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(These women are also making money off what they’re good at and love, which is a bonus! In an attempt to fulfill my goal of more personal posts I’m sharing my thoughts on a topic that people seem to want to discuss with me all the time.) What do you do when you need a social media break? Disclaimer: It may make you a little uncomfortable… I’m still on a high from the drop of Beyonce’s Formation and I’m going to do what I want.It’s manipulative and you can tell they don’t care about the issues that their partners face as people of color. Someone told her: “Oh, you don’t look like you’d date a black guy”. Nope, sorry – I can’t and won’t be your fetish or something to check off your bucket list (date black girl check).

If you’re looking for a few activities to add to your morning routine, other than checking your phone, check out this XO Necole article.Unplug: Sometimes the best way to manage your social media intake is by simply putting your phone down.It won’t stop people from voicing the opinions no one asked them for, and it won’t stop bad things from happening, but it does give your brain a break.Some are getting avoiding it because of information overload.I’ve tried avoiding social media, but it’s basically impossible to do when you’re a social media manager. For your own sanity, you have to unfollow the friend who breaks up with their boo once a week, and sends obvious subliminal messages, only to be madly in love the next day.

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I’m not a commodity and I refuse to be treated like one.

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  1. In my free time i love to cook , watch movie ,listen music and interested in exploring new... I would love to meet someone who is understanding, loving ,simpl... Born and brought up in Bhubaneswar(Orissa), however a Bengali. We both had a good number of similar preferences on each other's p...