Codependency recovery without dating

The same goes for the dependee- who may be causing the person who they depend on to lack self-care.

Whether you’re the dependent or the dependee, when in a codependent relationship many find it difficult to be alone.

It also puts your own physical and mental health at risk if you aren’t taking good care of yourself.True power and strength is the ability to tend and care for ourselves.: Once deeply involved in the relationship, it can be extremely hard to let go.This dynamic can continue for quite some time, but eventually exhaustion and resentment build up to a point that even the codependent partner can't stand, says Dr. "When you are afraid to ask for what you want, you can't have a healthy or lasting relationship," says Dr. "You can't say anything without wondering if it will meet with your partner's approval.You can't express what you want or confide in the other person.

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