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It consists of a small screen held in the palm of the hand during concerts on which live messages sent from a control box flash explaining what is going on.

One commentator describing the system reports that 'in the early stages of a performance of Stravinsky's Firebird, the Co Co reads: "Stravinsky's virtuosic orchestration reaches a climax in this passage, where the illusion WHOOSHES!

It can, however, introduce new musical material, as we sometimes see in Beethoven’s works, or in the 2nd movement of Brahms’s Ein deutsches Requiem (German Requiem)(Italian, literally 'little tail') diminutive form of coda, a passage within a composition in sonata form which, while resembling a coda, occurs at the end of the exposition rather than at the end of the piece(Latin) a set of simple wooden boards sewn together used by the Romans from the 1st century AD.

The early Coptic Christians of Egypt discovered that by folding sheets of vellum or parchment in half and sewing them through the fold, they could produce a book that could be written on both sides.

A coda’s function is generally to provide a strong conclusion to the work, giving the piece a grander sense of finality.

The combination of these primary subtractive colours in varying proportions is what creates the illusion of a full colour printed image.

When all three subtractive primaries are combined as pure light, black is formed.

The crimson or carmine dye, also called carmine lake or crimson lake, is also called cochineal(English, German f.) the snail-shaped bone-encased fluid-filled organ of hearing.

Anatomically, the cochlea is regarded as the inner ear.

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