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I started to conceptualize HIV as a "when" not an "if." Then, once I learned about Pr EP, I spoke to my doctor, and we agreed this was the most appropriate prevention strategy. Pr EP has changed my dating life, because it has completely removed the fear of HIV from sex.I had never experienced sex without fear in my life.Hoping and praying that someone will overlook your reality is a desperate move, especially when you don't even know theirs.The truth is, we all should have conditions that our would-be-love must meet when we approach any potential relationship.Despite recommendation by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and studies that indicate that Pr EP can reduce HIV transmission by 96 and up to 99 percent, there are still relatively few gay and bisexual men on the drug.It can be hard to find anyone among your friends to ask about it.It's not easy to find that "someone special." Add HIV to the equation, and it's even more complicated.

Substitute your status for any other trait or characteristic that invokes insecurity in a person, and the playing field is virtually leveled.

They know what you're going through, and they understand the disease.

Since this is such a popular way to go, you'll find tons of dating sites and personal ads on-line for positive people.

I want them to get to know me before I tell them I am positive." If your date was looking for unconditional, unquestionable love, then he would adopt a puppy.

And if you are hoping to trick someone into overlooking your virus because of your super funny personality or your similar interest in contemporary art, you are setting yourself up for yet another tearful ice cream-valium-vodka binge.

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