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Though in its fundamental ideas Theosophy is a revelation, yet there is no authority in it to an individual, unless he himself assents to it.

Nevertheless, as a man must be ready to stand or fall by the noblest hypothesis of life which his heart and mind can conceive, this work is written to show that such a hypothesis exists in Theosophy.

This wisdom already exists, because the study has been pursued for long ages by properly equipped investigators into nature's mysteries.

The investigators, who are called the Masters of the Wisdom, are those souls who in the evolutionary process have passed beyond the stage of man to the next higher, that of the "As man becomes Adept, he ceases to be merely an item in the evolutionary process, and appears as a master and director of that process, under the supervision of a great Consciousness called in Theosophy the These Masters of the Wisdom, the agents of the Logos, direct the evolutionary process in all its phases, each supervising a particular department in the evolution of life and form.

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The Masters of the Wisdom, who are in charge of the evolution of all that lives, are giving the Wisdom — the science of facts — indirectly, through the invisible guidance and inspiration of scientific workers; directly, they have given it in a body of knowledge known by the term Theosophy.

Similarly, while the leading ideas of this work may be considered "Theosophical", and as a fairly correct exposition of the knowledge revealed by the Masters of the Wisdom, there will be parts that will not deserve that dignity.

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Theosophy is the wisdom arising from the study of the evolution of life and form.

The greatest achievement of modern science is the conception offered to the thinking mind of the phenomena of existence as factors in a great process called Evolution.

Let us understand in broad outline what evolution means according to science, and we shall be ready to understand what it means according to Theosophy. 2) is not only revolving round a center, but it also appears to be breaking up into distinct sections or arms.

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