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I understand it involves drinking larger quantities during the day, but am not sure how much or at what times. Yes, from memory, its a daytime program to train the bladder to stretch and and hold fluid, therefore sending a more efficient nerve signal to the brain that it's full.Ideally then at night, the child will then find it easier to wake up and to go the toilet. But it doesn't explain the details of the program without buying the dvd together with a bed wetting alarm, which is a bit much to spend just after xmas.

An alarm or drinking program won't help much if he can't even hold on 15 mins during the day.

Placing too much stress and expectation on a child this age, putting in too many rules, making them drink more than their thirst tells them to drink creates anxiety which will go away if they are encouraged that they are not abnormal and they are not doing it wrong.

Perhaps contact the Continence Foundation of Australia if you get no joy from your GP but do remember that at 7 years of age it is not unusual to be still wetting at night. The ability to hold on when awake bears no resemblance to not wetting when asleep though. This is why I do not place too much trust in the 'expand the bladder' treatment.

Little Miss Pink, on 27 December 2016 - AM, said: We tried restricting drinks for DS at bedtime, nothing after a certain time etc.

And he definitely had a good bladder capacity because he would hold his wees for an good 2 hours after waking in the morning. Him going a few weeks with the pullups on waking up dry.

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