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Lepore a transsexual poster girl, modeling in campaigns for Armani Jeans (alongside actor Ryan Phillippe) and M. “I hate everyone but Amanda Lepore,” Miley Cyrus once said. I was really nervous that it wasn’t going to be good,” Ms. I was worried that it wouldn’t be funny, or fun.” Ms. Her mother, a German-American housewife suffered from schizophrenia and was routinely hospitalized. Lepore paused and straightened a bejeweled half-glove.Lepore said, speaking of her memoir as she reclined cat-like, on a bed in her dressing-room size apartment at Hotel 17 near Stuyvesant Square in Manhattan. Her father, an Italian-American chemical engineer abandoned the family when Ms. “I have a really good memory and the early part is not all good memories. “I don’t think about the past – especially those years.It’s just after 11pm on Easter Sunday and transsexual model/singer/performance artist/nightlife personality/muse and now author Amanda Lepore is almost ready to leave for work. Lepore will appear at the club promoter Ladyfag’s weekly party Battle Hymn, and well, she will just be herself. Amanda Lepore makes her living simply being Amanda Lepore.Sheathed in a custom-made skin-tight, sheer dress trimmed with powder blue marabou feathers, her bouncy, balloon-like breasts bulls-eyed with crystal pasties, Lepore’s work look is part Jayne Mansfield, part Jessica Rabbit. The 49-year-old (born on November 21, 1967, she celebrates on Dec. Lepore has recorded a solo album (2005’s ), made cameos in music videos for Elton John and The Dandy Warhols and appeared in the films Party Monster and Zoolander. Lepore’s latest project is her most personal and for someone known to arrive at parties completely naked, her most revealing: a memoir.Her 2007 club hit “My Pussy (Is Famous)” giddily reminded the world that, while it arrived without a pricetag on it, her fertile crescent is now worth millions.Currently, Amanda is in the studio working on a new album, expected to be released early 2016.When I told her that silicone is dangerous, she said, ‘I don’t care, as long as I look beautiful in the coffin’.

) Things happen pretty enchantedly for Amanda, though this obscures the fact that beneath her vavoomy exterior is an unflappable person with a will of steel who invariably gets what she wants.Amanda has also been busy with her memoir, which is also due for release in the Spring of 2016, to be published by Regan Arts, in collaboration with Vigliano Associates and Peace Bisquit.This autobiography and tell-all will be co-authored with Thomas Flannery, and will feature exclusive photos and imagery chronicling Amandas’s illustrious life and career.It takes her two hours to do her hair and makeup (she is a pro at this point, having once worked at the makeup counter at Patricia Field) but the “prepping – shower and the moisturizer thing” takes just as long or longer.“I probably take longer than drag queens to get ready.” She travels constantly, flying all over the globe from Vienna to Sydney making public appearances. Lepore confessed that she just had eye surgery to makes her eyes bigger and more “doll-like.” In addition to a nose and boob job, a forehead lift, butt implants and having her lips inflated, Ms.

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