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If the sample was not influenced by substances from other centuries, the result of the test is valid.Many researchers do not accept the results of the carbon 14 tests because the sample wasn't clean.Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, the man said he did not want to share family details due to the embarrassment felt by his wife, who was still coming to terms with the news her step-father was abandoning her.In a post which first appeared on Reddit, the man said his father-in-law's mental fragility is being taken advantage of, and is worried about the damage his leaving will do to the remaining family members.'He believes this guy, Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall, is Jesus Christ.

Michael, also known as the Holy chamber of Oviedo, which nowadays belongs to the city's cathedral.

When his army arrived to northern Egypt, the presbyter who took care of the shroud carried it from Alexandria to Spain.

It then traveled through Cartagena, Seville, and in 657, arrived in Toledo. In March 14, 1075, King Alfonso VI, his sister, and Rodrigo Diaz Vivar (known as El Cid), opened the chest with the shroud and named it by an official act as "The Sacred Sudarium of Our Lord Jesus Christ." Carbon 14 testing is the most popular method for dating ancient artifacts.

He told his wife that he's going to go to Australia to be with him.

Leaving her and his kids and grand-kids to go be with this guy.'My mother-in-law and him have fought about this several times in the past. He's said he's going to leave before and it didn't happen.

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