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The secretary of the Honor Council also notifies the accuser (in an academic case, the professor involved) and the Vice President for Student Development of the verdict and penalty.

(This is the end of preliminary procedure if the accused waives this right.) 2. Exactly what about the election is being contested. This tape is for the benefit of the accused in an appeal to the Review Board. Only cases involving suspension or expulsion may be appealed beyond the Review Board to the President of the College. A tape will be made of the hearing (not including the deliberation), and the accused will be allowed a copy at her own expense.Decision shall be rendered within seven (7) days afi:er receipt of the appeal unless an extension is deemed necessary by the Review Board. Notice of Action Written Notice of Action taken on an appeal shall be given in person by the secretary of the Board to the student charged within 24 hours of the Boards decision. Action Available to Review Board On the basis of its review of the record and its consideration of any briefs and arguments received, the Review Board may: (1) affirm both the findings of violation and the penalty imposed; (2) remand for a rehearing if it determines that substantial error prejudicial to the student charged on the question of violation was committed at the hearing; (3) reverse and dismiss the charge if it determines that there is not substantial evidence on the record to support a finding of violation; (4) affirm the finding of violation, but reduce the penalty to one deemed more appro- priate than that imposed; or (5) where violation was admitted, reduce the penalty to one deemed more appropriate. Finality of Action on Appeal by Review Board The action of the Review Board is final except in cases of remand, and except for the right of the student charged to appeal to the President of the College in cases provided in paragraph Q. Appeal to President of the College In cases wherein the Review Board affirms a penalty of suspen- sion or expulsion, the student charged may appeal the penalty to the president of the College within 48 hours of the Review Board s decision.The student shall present her appeal in writing to the Vice President for Student Development who shall then present the appeal accompanied with relevant case documents to the President, Review is based solely on the record of the appeal presented before the Review Board, plus any written brief filed with the Review Board by the student charged.

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