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Everybody has become so concerned with texting in the past couple of years that there hasn’t been much said about phone game, a necessity, recently.

This guy was my original mentor and I can tell you there NOBODY better on the phone than him.

Unfortunately, the millions of women who now use Plenty of Fish, OKCupid, e Harmony, or the myriad of other dating websites, get bombarded by hundreds of messages from men on a daily basis - pickup lines, sexually suggestive messages that a vast majority of the men would never have the courage to say in person, the same old boring "hey" or "what's up" that she gets sent 50 times a day or guys with blatantly false advertising.

So how do you stick out and get her to respond to you out of the hundreds of guys who are messaging her?

JUICY BITS I was a bit surprised by the dating sites Cajun recommends using, which now makes perfect sense.The depth of analysis into this critical feature is something else.My favorite part of the book was how to use social networking sites.There seems to be a new tip on profiles, messages or site on each page.I’ve probably learned more new stuff from this book than other products because nobody has covered online game before.

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