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He's nineteen now, the war with Aizen having stalled out near the end when the Hogyoku decided to vanish from it's pedestal in Hueco Mundo. he damn well did and he was quick to use that evolution to get what he wanted. Ichigo gasps in surprise, opening his mouth for Grimmjow to deepen the kiss.

Ichigo snickers to himself, as no one knows how that happened but him and Shiro… The Hogyoku is now safe within his inner world and though the threat of Aizen and his Espada still lingers, it's been nothing more than the occasional battle and thwarted scheme. " Grimmjow frowns."Nope, I'm on leave, too," he smiles brightly. "Grimmjow is surprised by that, yet doesn't show it. One hand is tangled in orange strands of silk, the free arm wrapped around a slim feminine waist to press their bodies together, and Grimmjow's tongue maps out Ichigo's warm mouth slowly.

"I'll give you a week's leave, go have fun.""It's not like that," Grimmjow sighs in distress.

"It can't be just any female, there are requirements to look for.

His hands are pressed against the chiseled chest of his enemy, his mind so fogged with the foreign feeling of lust that he doesn't remember who's placing it there.

it's such a blow to my pride.""So, you just need to go locate a female, I see nothing wrong with that," Aizen shrugs.

His body is flush, his lips swollen, and his eyes are still half mast with lust."What was… ""My urge is to find a mate," Grimmjow smirks quietly. I won't take you without permission, I won't even mark you… Once he breaks the kiss, he can tell Ichigo wants to kick himself to giving in so easily."This isn't a human matter, nor is it a Shinigami matter," he points out quietly while stroking orange locks and drawing an animalistic purr from his chosen.

"This is a Hollow matter, an Arrancar and Visored matter. ""He was on leave as well, but couldn't pass up a fight with me," he shrugs.

"Besides, they're just to release stress and satisfy this annoying urge of yours. If they won't live long afterward, there's no sense in searching for the right one."Grimmjow growls viciously, slamming his hands on the table before standing and stalking out of the room. "Grimmjow was a Hollow that kept his emotions, they're extremely rare.

Every mate he ever took he loved on some level, but there was one he told me of… They were together when he was an Aduchas, she stayed with him for nearly an entire year. "She was only a month away from giving birth to triplets…

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but this is his future mate, he has to be delicate with him. "Here there's just common sense and responsibility.

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