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We only recommend it for faster gaming-machines (quad-core or higher).

We would appreciate any feedback from users, who have tried this...

They were more focused on showing us other features of the controller and console along with games.

The best thing you're currently able to do with the camera is play with virtual reality robots in The Playroom, a game that comes pre-installed with the PS4. This isn't the end of the world; however, if you've seen Jimmy Fallon on Late Night playing with the robots, it looks like you're missing out.

While we were with the Sony reps last week, they didn't push the camera on us as a necessary feature.

You can play with them, toss them around, scare them, and more. We have to admit, it but after 10-15 minutes you'll probably wonder what else you can do with them on camera.

The launch of Play Station VR is right around the corner but before you drop the money on the VR headset, you should know what you’re getting into.

While the price of the Play Station VR headset is advertised at 9.99, you’ll actually want to consider getting some accessories to get the full VR experience.

If you're not planning to invest, and have kids, you may want to keep them from seeing the robots at all cost.

There aren't a bunch yet, and that's a shame because Sony's Camera works great with the PS4.

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It's super small compared to the Xbox 360 Kinect so it barely takes up any room on your entertainment console.

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