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Face Rig re-encodes the data replacing the webcam image with the rendered avatar.It can even modify your voice to make it match the avatar better.Most of the avatars are different types of animals.You will also find avatars such as demons, wizards and fantastical monsters.A final library of licensed video game and pop culture avatars exists as well.If you do not see an avatar that you like, then Face Rig allows you to make a custom one.

Users have access to a very large library of avatars within the basic Face Rig package.Another issue is that there are glitches within the application.Synchronization between the webcam and avatar can fall apart over time.Something else you can do with Face Rig is to create prerecorded animations.You can talk into the camera to make various expressions and then record them to a video file.

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It then correlates those points to positions on a dynamic three-dimensional mesh.

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