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I would not recommend you guys to find sex worker in Batumi streets as they might be the trap of Mafia.

Unfortunately prostitution in Batumi is under control of mafia. May be some of them but mafia has huge portion of the cake in this industry.

Better deal with bar girl in any nightclub that you can find more beautiful and sexy ones and the way better service. If you find far, taxis are not that expensive for transport.

To get experience, just give a try but I am sure you will regret if you are planning more than a massage. Nightclubs and Bars open till morning and serving various kind of events, music and tastes that address to almost everyone. Just ask how much they ask for the place that you want to go. Besides, there are many pubs or live bands clubs in the city as well. But better nightclubs as people who goes to casino mostly looking for money not a girl.

Anyway, if you couldn’t manage to find a girl by your own skills, Clubs in Batumi will help you out with this issue. If you want to have fun you can stay and dance with her until morning and later you can head to your hotel to have happy end.

But if you have no time, just explain your situation to the girl and directly go to the hotel. Also some of the hotels are providing escorts to the rooms. Another way to have happy moments is massage saloons. While massage is operating, you can make a deal with masseurs and have happy end.

Some of the girls in the club just local Georgian girls who came to have some fun, just like you.

They are at parks, cafes and even they might be working in the markets. Once you get little exercises on chatting, invite her somewhere for a drink or a dinner.That being said, most massage saloons in Batumi, you may have professional massage service beside more than this if you wish to.But I don’t recommend as most of the masseurs are really ugly and asking extreme amounts for extra services that you asked for. Anton, our Georgian Nightlife Friend will tell about this lovely small city of Georgia.He is a local Georgian guy who will share his precious information about Batumi Nightlife, nightclubs, Bars, casinos, massage saloons and more.

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By the way, try to court the girls inside the nightclub first.

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