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Victorian society was unusual in the way it viewed men and women as profoundly different sorts of creatures.But if we consider just the issue of how eliminating lustful attractions from polite society affected things, a few facts become clear.

Masculinity is closely tied to one's virility and interest in sexual gratification, while femininity is linked with one's sexual desirability or sexiness. If the biological sex drive were to disappear overnight, then, I don't imagine things would change as drastically as we might like to think.Understandings of sexuality vary a lot over time and between societies.This can be hard for contemporary Americans to grasp, because our vision of sexuality is that it is an asocial, universal drive that is the inevitable and necessary foundation of relationships, marriage, and procreation.This shows us that the absence of lust can coexist with intensive sentimentality and strong social bonds, as well as with stable marriages and continued procreation.If everyone lost their sex drives in the Victorian era, it seems this would have been awfully convenient.

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But in fact, all we have to do is go back in time 150 years to encounter a very different set of beliefs right here in America.

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