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There are a slew of additional customization options, including the ability to add additional members for monitoring and drill downs on each of the different kinds of notifications, including mobility, connectivity and batter/power.

Testing the camera in our big corporate office, I had some connectivity issues.

You can even combine multiple cameras through the same Lyric app to monitor your whole home yourself.

So if something happens when you're not there, you can see it and stop it.

The company has been refining the software since the release of the original Canary and the set up process shows, allowing users to set time parameters for sleep, ensure the device doesn’t record when they’re home and designate what sort of motion will trigger an alert, including the ability to block out objects that aren’t people or animals.

The original Canary camera was an imperfect but solid debut from the New York-based hardware startup, with good hardware featuring built-in perks like air quality measurement and a solid software offering that streamlined alerts and monitoring on a mobile platform.The bottom has a standard tripod mount along with a pretty powerful magnet that attaches to the desktop base.The company also offers up a slew of different creative mounts for staking it in the dirt or tying it to pipe, among other things.By default, the camera largely operates in Battery Mode — a sort of hibernation from which it awakens when motion is detected — or when the user switches over to live view (at which point it takes a few seconds to wake back up).The company rates the battery at “months,” though if you actively engage with the device or position in a high-traffic area, you’re not going to make it that long without a charge.

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