Are nathan adrian and natalie coughlin dating

The support and camaraderie are huge."Training with men has also pushed Coughlin's competitiveness.

Every Friday afternoon, Durden puts his charges in heats and has them race 15-meter sprints against each other, then calls out the winners.

I ask her what it's like to be able to swim so fast. Her father, Jim, was a police officer in their hometown of Vallejo, California; her mother, Zennie, works as a paralegal. By the time Coughlin entered high school, she was one of the fastest teenage swimmers in the country."I'm old enough to be the mother of some of them," Coughlin jokes."But it's been great—sort of like training with your brothers.But when I catch a glimpse of her shoulder muscles poking through her T-shirt, I remember I'm dining with a woman who can swim backward faster than I can run forward."Michelle Obama has done so much for arms," Coughlin says, laughing as she looks down at her impressive biceps.

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To get where she is now, she's had to develop a deep awareness of what every muscle in her body is doing at all times; a slight hip over rotation could be the difference between a gold medal and a 10th-place finish.

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  1. I said I wasn’t, primarily because it was sweltering, but he insisted. Or maybe I’m just stupid.” Sab, 28, an ER nurse from Quezon City, doesn’t believe in using apps but relies on Facebook messages and friends to meet potential dates.