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Saudi laws and moral standards are considerably stricter than those of the UK and in certain cases, notably involving dress, drink, moral behaviour and mixing with unrelated members of the opposite sex, what is not a crime in Britain is treated as a crime in Saudi Arabia.This guide gives British residents advice on how to live in Saudi Arabia without difficulty.A common mistake among visitors is confusing the validity of their Saudi visa with the permitted length of stay in the Kingdom.Dates are calculated in accordance with the Hijri Islamic calendar.Even if you retain your passport yourself, you cannot leave the country without an exit visa being granted.The Saudi Embassy will refuse to issue a Saudi visa if the passport reflects travel to Israel or indicates that the place of birth of the applicant is Israel.

Sponsors can also be fined heavily if you break the terms of your visa, and may pass these fines on to you.The UK Embassy in Saudi Arabia has received several reports of UK citizens fined for inadvertently overstaying their permitted time in the Kingdom.This problem cannot be revoked unless the Saudi sponsor can do something about it.Dual nationality is not legally recognised in Saudi Arabia, which may limit the ability of officials to provide consular services.If you are a dual national, you will be recognised as a citizen of the passport which you used to enter Saudi Arabia, as this will be on your visa.

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