Am i too intimidating to women

I mean, I think I'm a pretty girl (please don't think this is braggy, I don't mean it to be braggy) but I see some girls who are with guys & they look way worse than me. That is why guys, that are not looking for a relationship, but for an instant gratification of sexual variety, find you difficult to approach. I have listened to your analysis of romantic relationships and am left wondering what your best advice is to a charming, active, healthy, financially well off, single woman who is over 50 who dearly misses the intimacies of married life?Learning to be intimidating can also help you avoid being intimidated by others. After a 2 year relationship I am single again, and let me just say that I am dreading being single again...

So in raising children alone, and having to shoulder all the weight of Life alone can make one “less feminine”. Though it is hardly ubiquitous, many of the women I’ve worked with professionally had apparently sacrificed their femininity on the altar of vocation under the mistaken belief that it had somehow made them appear soft and weak.My entire life I have heard that I am intimidating.. People at school and work think that I am a player (for some reason). I am an intelligent person (go to Pharmacy school) and although I am SHY, I feel like I am an interesting person.. And that is why that although ALL the time I see guys that like me and show interest, they don't take the first step... SO,,, Why is it then, that I find it so difficult to meet people? I feel like I am a great catch,,,, so why is it so tough? We sincerely wish you speedy success in meeting a worthy partner.Gently yours, Rabbi Daniel and Susan Lapin Thank you, Mike. Sometimes it is not the rigors of “career chasing” that hardens a woman, but the hard times that come from not having the nuturing, help, love and companionship that a true Godly man should show and give a woman. Without a proper family foundation (from the father) and spiritual covering (from a husband), many women “fend for themselves”, making them tough, hardened, and more aggressive …without the woman realizing it. as l, too am ’50-something’ woman without a man, who grew up in a dysfunctional, abusive home.

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