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You get that discount for your members and in exchange you get a share of the revenue that you generate for the vendor. But a buying cooperative generally pools together a select group of businesses. And they formed a buying cooperative to obviously buy at a better price.

But, you know, we finally accomplished I think when the search engines really came in to play that also was a big turning point for ABN. At that time, I would meet with other cooperatives, and we would discuss ways to just cooperatives in general.So very quickly we were able to put together something that very much looks like ABN.And so that kind of what gave me the idea that hey I could do this and I could provide these discounts for small to medium size businesses.And that is the kind of thing that rattles in the heads of many entrepreneurs.Maybe they didn’t hear exactly the same thing but I bet you they heard something similar. Let me just explain to the audience the way the business works is like this.

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