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I'm flexible with start time but preferably between 10AM-11AM, when i will be off to work.

At least a minimum of 1hrs daily, (MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAYS).

These e-mails are included below: Hello, I just came across your post as a pet sitter on I would love to have a chat with you concerning it....

Can i contract your services for my pet,a Bolognese dog by the name Sophia? Thanks to pet sitter Stacey Evans, owner of The Pet Concierge in Maine, for sharing the information she received from a new scammer using the name “Jeffrey Martins” and e-mailing from a Hotmail address.

New pet sitters may be particularly susceptible to this type of scam and dismiss warning signs if they are in a rush to get clients.

We have a financier that is based in the states and will be handling the payment and as well as our other expenses, so he will be the one that will be taking care of your payment, I will instruct him to pay for the first week before our arrival so as to secure your service.

As soon as we reach a concrete agreement, I can instruct our financier to process a cashier’s check to you for the payment i will be waiting to read from you with Your schedule and other questions which you have to ask us..

You will be taking care of 2 Dogs and 2 fishes, Misty a yr old Australian Terrier and Razor a 4 years old German Shepard for any three days of your choosing excluding Sundays and will have to take them on a walk at least once a week, give them a bath, brush their hair and make them comfortable while we are away. We will be arriving in The states(7th of June 2014), which means if you accept to work with blitzen you can begin to work with us on the 8th or the 9th of June..

I can handle the feeding but the rest i wont be able to do, so you can work for us as long as you want. I will be offering you 0 weekly, i will be needing your services for 4 hours at any suitable time of yours. I will be needing your service for up to 2 months or more, and willing to offer you 0.00 per week with benefits as compensation for a trustworthy and honest candidate.

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