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Part of the reason is Miss Mack has shown initiative. Raniere’s harem, Miss Mack created DOS [Dominant Over Submissive] a woman’s group where human hot iron branding and the aggressive collection of ‘collateral’ – material which can be used to blackmail women in the event of their betrayal of defection – is employed. Raniere and Miss Mack’s initials branded on their pubic region – are not harem members and are unlikely to be invited to join.Not all women who are members of DOS are members of Mr. They have however made “The Vow” of lifetime slavery to Mr.Raniere and Miss Mack: DOS is intended to be a worldwide organization – a united group of women branded in the name of Mr.

This is a representation of the paddling punishment imposed on the women of DOS who fail to meet their quota of slave enrollment. By Frank Parlato [This report has been developed from information provided from sources. It is up to the reader to judge whether the information presented is factual or not.] Actress Allison Mack – who was the third lead in the TV show Smallville – has assumed the top position in the harem of Keith Raniere.

The ‘cream’ of Jness women are invited to join DOS, and the ‘cream’ of DOS women are invited to join Mr. As it stands today, most new harem members are asked to accept Miss Mack as their slave master, second in command only to Mr. There are longtime harem members who have been ‘grand-mothered in’ and are not required to pledge obedience to Miss Mack. Miss Mack has proven capable in the recruitment department replacing many aging harem members with younger, more nubile women.

In this respect she follows in the footsteps of her predecessor. When she was alive, Miss Cafritz enjoyed the topmost rank among the harem, and lived for more than two decades [1989-2016] with Mr.

bogus.) But will she confide her suspicions in her new bookstore buddy, as her father Ron (Jim True-Frost) looks on from across the way?

Elsewhere in Sunday’s episode: Odelle (Anna Friel) and Aslam (Omar Ghazaoui) are hit hard by Frank Majors’ (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) attack on Shakir Khan; a desperate Peter (Peter Facinelli) makes a deal with Societel Mining CEO Alex Baker; and Bob (Nate Mooney) gets closer to discovering Ruby’s (Daniella Pineda) true identity.

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