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Alex Fong would like the company to announce that they have concluded to end their relationship with each other."The two of them made the decision after giving it a lot of thought.

They are thankful for each other's support and love for the past ten years and will continue to be good partners at work and good friends from now on."The couple also expressed hope that the media will respect their privacy and will not make any assumptions regarding the matter.

We also treasure this relationship with each other.

So we decided to give ourselves a cooling down period.

At the time, we did go out a few times to talk about our problems.

( When asked if they still have a chance to get back together, he said: "No one can predict the future.Meanwhile, the sudden plight of a fellow couple (Louis Cheung Kai-chung and Leila Kong) helps to put Keung and Bo’s discord in context.As is usually the case with a film by Kong , who serves here as the producer, scriptwriter and director, is not immune to schizophrenic shifts in tone, jarringly choppy editing and occasional lapses into embarrassing tomfoolery.Decided To Breakup On Their 10th Dating Anniversary Alex revealed his hands were shaking as he was reading his agency's announcement on his breakup with Stephy.He also emphasized that the breakup was a mutual decision and they also gave themselves a 3 months cooling down period after the premiere of their movie "Anniversary(紀念日)": "We don't want people to think we are using our breakup to promote our movie.

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"At the time, I didn't know what it was and I was afraid to ask," she said, adding that she just felt that the rumours of reconciliation will never stop.

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