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"Some of the reasons for discrimination can be political or a person might hold a grudge against someone," says Jamal Akbar, a London-based IT consultant volunteering at the Jalsa."But they'll use the Ahmadi card to get revenge on that person, attack them or kill them." "It's hugely toxic," says Zaki Ahmad, an expert on Ahmadi human rights in Pakistan who is running an exhibition at the Jalsa Salana.In fact, the community's international television channel known as – is symbolic of this.With four satellite channels beamed around the world, spreading the Ahmadi message of Islam, one of the channel's presenters explained how "vital" the network has been in converting Arab Muslims. They are attracted to Ahmadiyya because we are presenting Islam in a very nice way." Beyond presenting Islam in a good light, Ahmadis seek to actively contribute to humanitarian efforts around the world.

To be issued a passport in Pakistan one must sign a document stating that Ahmadis are not Muslim.

Accountants are making bread while bankers are chopping onions.

As this year's convention draws to a close, preparation for next year’s begins.

Over three days, the community takes the opportunity to meet fellow believers that have come from around the world.

They eat together, pray together and hear speeches from community leaders.

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Through missionaries and its main charity, Humanity First, they aim to improve impoverished communities by providing services and building infrastructure.

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