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I have had the odd experience where a few very happy intoxicated men have professed their love and intentions from far across the room, but rarely does a guy approach me between sets or after.

Now if I was a guy wouldn't the women be lining up to talk to me? I think whereas most people think a musician is more tempted with his/her environment and may be unfaithful because of it, I know the deal being a club DJ for 18 years and know that you get desensitized to it if anything.

Feeding habits: Large meat sandwiches that he stores in the bass drum and gnaws on between songs. • There’s something to be said about an instrument that makes your whole howdy-do rumble. Dr Dan (anonymous profile)November 20, 2014 at a.m. Dan, when have I ever said anything that made sense? Wrong, listen to this song "it's all about that bass" and it will explain. Consider Jerry Seinfeld's favorite joke before dating ANY kind of artist: The remaining members of the Glen Miller Orchestra have been reduced to taking whatever work they can get, and so have signed on to play a Christmas Eve gig at a VFW a hundred miles from home.

And that something is this: “Yes, please.” • Bass players are classy. Expand your timeline and instruments, Starshine - do you have ANY idea what sax or French horn or harmonica musicians can do with their lips and tongues? Starshine may be battling a weigh problem, and rumor has is that clausen is bedridden at over 500 pounds. The night is bitterly cold, and on the way to the gig it starts to sleet and snow.

It takes being in that type of business about a year or so before it gets real old...romantically speaking.

There are those in every crowd that get caught up in it and never grow up or get past all the attention, but those people have those personalities anyway, and working with a lot of people that might stroke their ego just feeds the person they already are. At 3 am it all ends, and starts again the next night.

Sure at first you get caught up in the nightlife, different people you meet and people that hit on you constantly, but soon enough you realize those people aren't into you because you are special, they probably just hit on you because you were in their path - just like the two or three people they hit on right after you.

I sincerely and strongly doubt that I made any type of impression, but I have shared out of pure "glee" in observations and analysis ! For all U know, she could be a covert member of the moral majorty posing as a lefty liberal having U all on.

Think Mc Cartney and Sting—not Flea, who’s a drummer in bass players’ clothing (which apparently is a tube sock). About a mile from the hall the bus slides off an embankment and gets stuck in the snow.

The very fact that you don’t know who played bass for most of the great American bands is testament to the bass player’s humility. The members discuss what to do, and they realize that if they walk, they can still make their starting time. There's normally now the singers and guitarists who 'do a bit of synth' ...

And if modesty doesn’t sound sexy, then wake up just once next to a lead singer — go on, I dare you — and see how quickly “unassuming” becomes music to your ears. So, dressed only in their tuxes and patent leather shoes, they begin slogging through the freezing wind and slush, instruments in hand. and they wonder why most bands can't go on stage without a backing track. Nope, never get any attention until in more intimate surroundings with a piano.

• Bass players don’t care if you notice this, but theirs is the manliest instrument in a rock band. And the strings are rope-thick, which gives bass players strong fingers, and we’ll just leave that right there. Just before they get to the hall they come upon a country home lit from within, its chimney puffing.

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and feel proud .." that's my man up there and I love everything that he is ! Unfortunatley I had to learn that lesson the hard way many, many years ago! needless to say I should have taken the moment and asked him how he felt :( ....

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