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For example, I always find a person's attitude about money and work reveals more about them than how much they do or do not have.I continuously find that the economic dilemmas of educated people in underpaid work is not considered in the correlations between earnings and educational achievements as I find myself in a network of teachers and artists.Also, I have never tried online dating so I cannot personally verify how representative the author's experiences are and how closely they relate to economic concepts.

The book is an easy read but it is filled with ideas.If you're a bad "shopper" in a so-called matching market, you might end up with a spouse you can't stand (or who can't stand you) and a job you hate. To make matters worse, these markets are notoriously complicated: you have to both choose and be chosen and you often don't know what you are "buying" until it's too late.You have to make decisions on the basis of very incomplete information.It made for a highly entertaining read (I devoured the book within a few days) and while I was very familiar with (and in fact teach) many of the topics discussed in the book I still learned a few things from his perspective of the academic literature that is usually inaccessible to the layman.But the author clearly explains the sometimes complex concepts and the take-aways at the end of every chapter are very informative and yet also hilarious.

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