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” There seemed to be a few couples and a bunch of people seemed to know each other already, perhaps from previous parties.

My date not only made me feel 110 percent safe and protected during the night, but I got all around good vibes from the women and men I met.

Nothing even first date and do something utterly normal, like miniature golf.

He put me in a cab and texted me awhile later to see that I got home alright.

I also met other partygoers throughout the night, both men and women, and it was your normal cocktail party chatter.

Barely anyone even about spanking or BDSM, other than to inquire, politely, “Oh, have you played yet?

She had other plans and I wasn’t too keen on going to a party with complete strangers by myself, so I figured I’d just skip it. I rang the buzzer and then walked up the four flights of stairs, not quite knowing to expect. Once — and only once — I went to a nightclub devoted to spanking with my college roommate and a few of our friends; I “played” with the guy I was dating at the time, a strange man watched us, and the whole event creeped me out that I never had a desire to go back.The “play” zones were areas in the loft separated by screens for privacy.You could see couples going in and out, or hear them inside, but you couldn’t actually them while they played.Probably 35 or 40 people milled about, almost equally men and women; although there were a couple of men who skewed older — as in, white-haired older — there were also more than a few young adults who looked to be my age (28) and slightly younger.Everyone wore “normal” clothes, like sundresses and slacks, and most people just stood around with a glass of wine, having a chat.

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