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The feelings of loneliness in motherhood is real and it’s not anything to be ashamed about — you are just living and doing what you need to do. But, it might be that rigid “We have to be in bed by 8 p.m” that’s keeping you from connecting to others. When I became a mother, her kids were school-age and she was dealing with homework battles and friendship dramas.

What’s left is a mom — or a dad — left behind to carry the entire house and parenting load.

This doesn’t mean put your house up for sale, by the way.

It makes for happier kids and even happier families. When my best friend from high school had her kids, I was totally 100 percent single and working 60-hours a week as a new journalist. You need one-on-one conversations not full-blown moms night out events. And while you want friendship, being out and about is exhausting for you.

Rebecca* thought she had her mom friends all lined up.

Where you live may be contributing to your loneliness.

Which really means if a mom felt like she had support to help take on the demands of raising children well she would probably turn to them — instead of yelling.

But there are some ways we create a lonelier path for ourselves. I have good anecdotal evidence from my coaching circle that the less support a mom has the more likely she is to get angry and lose her temper. When you can tap into a group with kids in the similar stage, it’s a great way to make connections.

My loneliness story began long before I had ever thought about writing a book or creating an e-course or even becoming a family wellness coach. But, as we know, there are so many women raising little children in isolation now.

And, frankly, if it weren’t for the community of moms around the world that I’ve worked with for the past six years I would still feel lonely most of the time. Is it no wonder there is so much chatter about yelling then? More and more families are torn apart not just by divorce but also by partners working out of town, out of state and even out of the country.

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