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"Some people snap a little and some people say things they wouldn't normally say," Hood says.

Clifford – who suffers from mild depression – seems to be having the hardest time.

The epic four-year journey has been immortalized in At this point, their celebrity has eclipsed that of their pop-punk idols Good Charlotte and Sum 41, but 5SOS have an entirely different kind of fame: They get re-tweeted at dizzying speeds by their teenage-girl fans (more than 13,000 in a minute); they top the "most-reblogged" chart on Tumblr; they are the subject of fan fiction, some of which features bondage sex and cross-dressing. "It scares me." In Las Vegas, 60 fans were busted for crawling through a venue's air vents, attempting to sneak into a 5SOS show.

Welcome to the life of 5 Seconds of Summer, arguably the hottest band in the world.

Just a few years ago, they were classmates in the suburbs outside Sydney, posting Bieber and Bruno Mars covers on You Tube.

Clifford proudly displays one of his favorite presents, given to him by Josh Dun, the drummer of the band Twenty One Pilots: a Fleshlight, a flashlight-shape device with a plastic vagina on one end ("The #1 Male Masturbator," the packaging reads). He's tattooed, with studded earrings, his right wrist covered in black bracelets, many given to him by admirers.

Today his hair is red; fans keep track of his dozen-plus dye jobs in online charts, colors like "fairyfloss," "emo purple" and "seaweed." "You've been skunk, too," says Kelsey, the stylist.

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"If I have to be asked who my celebrity crush is one more fucking time…" he says.

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