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Four centuries later, that order is kept in place by the revival of an old practice: the children of world powers are kept hostage till age 18 in a pastoral prison run by machines.

If their parent regions declare or are drawn into war, their lives are forfeit.

In pursuit of a life-changing reward, Kaz, a brilliant criminal mastermind with a haunted past, pursues the creator of the drug right into the Ice Palace, the perilously well-protected heart of anti-Grisha sentiment.

Each twist of the tale will leave you more astonished at what Bardugo, a near-supernatural storyteller, can pull off.

It alternates between the contemporary small town where teenaged Finn has been raised by his stoic older brother, Sean, since their mom skipped town, and the enchanted hinterland where Sean’s girlfriend, Roza, is being held by a terrifying figure out of fairy tales.

Enigmatic Roza washed up on the boys’ property after some mysterious trauma, and both fell in love with her in their own way.

, by Erin Bow Bow imagines a decimated future world in which wars over resources led to the uprising of Talis, a soulless yet folksy AI who took over the faltering planet and instated order via mass murder.

In a taut, topical tale cowritten by Reynolds and Kiely, respectively taking on the narration of Rashad and Quinn, the aftermath of that violence has a long-reaching impact on the teens, their school, and the entire community.

This painful story, unflinchingly told, is a must-read for anyone who has watched with horror as name after name becomes posthumous hashtags.

Princess Greta of Halifax is counting down the months to freedom, but always expecting a noble death, knowing her kingdom is on the brink of war with Cumberland.

But the arrival of an angry new hostage and seeing her roommate, Xie, through new eyes introduces love and rebellion into Greta’s battened-down heart.

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