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Reishi falls into the category of adaptogenic herbs, as mentioned in the data base of, due to its ability to help the body adapt to stressors like anxiety, fatigue, trauma and emotional distress.

Largely behind reishi’s medicinal qualities is a complex carbohydrate known as polysaccharides, which have been studied extensively and are proven effective for battling tumors, as well as modulating the immune system.

One of the enzymes contained in chaga goes by the name of superoxide dismutase (SOD), and is known to boost the body’s primary functions.

Chaga manufactures more of this than any other known herb.

A gargantuan amount of studies have been conducted around chaga and some of its isolated active ingredients.

For one, researchers at Wonkwang University in South Korea concluded that water extracts of chaga mushroom exhibited anti-cancer potentials.

Another example of a mushroom rich in healing polysaccharides, turkey tail is an herbal medicine that can aid the fight against cancer, as well as attack viruses that lay at the roots of many different types of cancers.

Other impressive functions that stand out among reishi’s long and growing list of medicinal uses are its anti-viral, blood pressure-lowering, anti-bacterial and anti-allergic properties, all of which can be researched in depth using the informative archives of 2.Chaga’s tough texture is similar to wood, with a dark black outer layer and a golden brown interior.It can be found co-existing with, and growing up, birch trees in some of the harshest and coldest climates in the word — including Canada, Scandinavia and Russia.Adding to their strangeness, the largest organism ever discovered on the planet is a network of mushroom mycelium that weaves across a colossal 2,200 acres underneath Oregon’s ancient Malheur National Forest.Another standout quality of fungi is that some species are among the most potent natural medicines available.

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