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I also didn't receive a phone call to verify any of my submitted information or was asked to provide additional information via phone or e-mail.

With Spirit Airlines credit card application though, I received a message stating it would take 25 - 35 days to process. I decided to call Bank of America which is in charge of Spirit credit cards and ask them to cancel my credit app because I didn't get immediately approved like I expected.

Do the math and decide when to pay in miles and when to pay in cash. I don't think some people understand what "off-peak" seasons mean.

Secondly, your miles have the most value when you use them off-peak. Use your card at least once a month, if only for a purchase at Mc Donalds. There may be downside to Spirit Airlines in terms of customer service (sometimes) and charges for everything they deem extra - which is everything. They try to book for summer flights and holiday weekends and wonder why they cant find flights for 2,500 miles.

I've been flying Spirit for over 20 years now and fly two to five times a year to Myrtle Beach, Las Vegas, and Florida from Detroit.

The miles add up quickly at 2 miles per $ spent plus you get 5,000 miles when you charge an average of 4 a month or K per year. Preferred Boarding is Zone 2, Zone 1 is saved for those who PAY for luggage2. Can't find a single flight this year for where i need to go and when. Even trying to book when their chart says 2,500 Off-peak is a lie.

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First of all, if you are husband and wife (or any travel pair), you can get 35K bonus miles (which is 15K for person #1, 15K for person #2 and 5K for person #1 referring person #2).

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