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In a club awash in cash, five former employees — with a combined 20 years of Sin City experience — separately described a Wild West environment where just about anything could happen, where just about everyone hustled for money.“That place is hedonism,” said one of the former workers.They munch on pineapple shrimp and T-bone steaks, drink Hennessy Sweet Tea cocktails and can plunk down ,200 for a Jeroboam of Krug Brut Cuvee or ,000 for a bottle of Louis XIII de Remy Martin cognac.Women in black and gold corsets with skin tight black shorts pour drinks behind the bar, as strippers gyrate on little stages or prowl the club looking for “plus a tip” lap dances.“All we are is one of the largest employers in the South Bronx with over 100 employees who try to maintain good relationships with our local authorities and the community,” Drakopoulos told the Daily News.

“Some managers will stop it, and some won’t.” A former dancer said she started at the club at around 18.Customers line up under a ruby awning, next to a sign on the wall that reads “no hats, hoodies, baggy jeans, sagging jeans, sweats.” Past the imposing doors, patrons pay and go through metal detectors and across a large burgundy carpet to sit on red velvet banquets or black chairs around little tables under the glow of pink-purple lights and booming rap music.Patrons go to a booth to change large bills into singles taken from the office safe and piled in thick stacks.Even though it has been plagued by drug sales, gang activity, shootings, fights and allegations of prostitution, Sin City seems beyond the reach of cops, the State Liquor Authority, and local politicians.Community leaders see the fleshpot as coated in Teflon. Despite high-profile drug arrests at the club in June, the SLA renewed Sin City’s license as it slogs on in its review, now in its eighth month.

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