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When you offer her something, she switches to the most expensive cocktail on the menu, and you wonder why she didn’t buy the cocktail for herself first.

We know of women who can’t date men of certain ‘class’ because they live on the East side of town, do not drive or don’t party in desirable parts of town.

“I need to catch a matatu before they call it a day. ” she asked me with a sneer before adding, “it is so cheap! To unemployed young Nairobi girls, that is ‘so cheap.’ To a jobless father of one, that is the price of two kilos of sugar or four kilos of maize flour. Two weeks later, a similar conversation took place when I excused myself to leave the club earlier for the same reason.

I live in a funny neighbourhood,” I said with a straight face. I attracted the classic sneer Nairobian women reserve for stingy and poor lads like me. I’m tired of these clueless 20-something Nairobi girls. Women are totally oblivious of the economic shocks of inflation and how it affects mature people like us who are not peddling drugs or stealing from the government. There is nothing wrong in aspiring for the good things in life.

If you have to go to school, why would you not try?

the milfs are nasty and really know how to handle that joystick like some godess they worship it while young girls just dont know wtf they are doing, I was married to a woman 5 years older than me (me 27 and her 32 atm.aswell as simply studying is not good advice as even if you cannot study you can ne intelligent.And on another point you might not need good grades in everything, but specific subjects that favor what you want to pursue or just general university programs I doubt that, most super intelligent people tend to study in order to get more knowledge to further advance science.Rarely do they turn down an offer to meet at Java or any restaurant that is considered upmarket.Certain joints are not Instagram-friendly, thus they are blacklisted mentally by most young girls. You walk into a club and a girl is having a sugar-laden soft drink.

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